About us

Welcome to Rural Atelier, eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable .
We are a micro eco-business based in rural East Kent.
Our passion is to support the local rural economy using sustainable and renewable methods and materials and to produce affordable,
sustainable gift boxes.
We also make plastic free, Folkestone made, gender neutral clothing.
We curate low-waste, eco products that are effective, efficient and enjoyable to consume.

We launched in 2019 with the Best Vest, a plastic-free tank top for babies and have developed into supporting more rural and micro businesses with our new sustainable gift shop.


2014; the hand- me-down bag that inspired us.
In 2014 we were given a bag of hand-me-down clothes for our new baby by her French godmother. In this bag was a garment very similar to The Best Vest™ . Being eco-conscious, we have the house at a comfortable but low temperature and with a baby on the floor, we needed a practical cosy layer that didn’t compromise their comfort or ability to explore. This early, but unfortunately synthetic fleece, was just what we needed. When our baby was in it, us anxious parents were reassured. It was perfect under a puddle-suit because it’s sleeveless and there’s no unnecessary bulk; it was great in the car as we could see the safety straps tighten properly. As we used the vest so often, we tried to purchase more but nothing quite like it was available. Four years later, with a little more sleep being achieved (!) Rural Atelier began to form. Our key principles were decided: to strive for sustainability, to create clothing that is gender-neutral, and to manufacture locally in Kent, UK. The Best Vest™ is now here to share with you and is our flagship garment towards an appreciation for what is socially conscious, sustainable, fun and practical.

2019; launched, then COVID
We launched in 2019 with the Best Vest™ and have developed into supporting more rural and micro businesses with our new sustainable gift-box shop. A year onwards, 2020 saw the arrival of COVID. Like many business we had to pause (luckily not completely shut down) our fledgling business to focus on family care and quite frankly, survival. Having the schools re-open has literally allowed us back to work so here we are with a range of sustainably sourced gifts, many of which are UK made. Our gift packs and boxes are a one-stop shop for telling someone you love and care, with sustainability at it’s heart.​ Our tiny, micro enterprise contributes to the earnings of at least 17 UK families. Imagine what that means when you buy from your local makers? We recognise that we can all support micro businesses on a global scale with integrity and equality so we are also happily curating from global small businesses and artisans.

We order small batches of products in order to reduce waste, reduce cost and a to maintain a healthy turnover of stock. This also ensures that we know exactly what our customers are receiving.

Covid-19 Adaptations.
We have always worn headscarves, cotton gloves and boiler suits over our outdoor clothes when packaging but now have added a facemask.
We regularly use alcohol rub before wearing our fresh cotton gloves.
Delays may occur at any point such as our supply chain, deliveries, days off for shielding, child minding if the schools close again, etc. If so, we will let you know via the Home page and keep you informed of the status of your order. If we have a time we cannot pack and send, we will temporarily close the shop and again keep you informed of the timeline. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or consider refunds unless we are dealing with a Royal Mail postal claim. We trust you are understanding of these measures – we are doing our best.