Our Values

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Aim 1
EVERY ACTION COUNTS. At Rural Atelier we set out to create a product and collection, entirely out of responsibly sourced materials – and we’ve almost done it! We make locally in UK, source ethical and sustainable products, many from artisans or micro-makers, we’ve used organically farmed materials and use sustainable packaging methods. We are working with suppliers to improve packaging – this is work-in-progress and will take time. We are all working towards a plastic-free end product. Rural Atelier campaigns and ask questions!

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Aim 2
Our communities are the heartbeat of sustainability. Remember think global act local? Can you purchase locally made items instead of the mass produced, planet destroying, slave-waged imports? Most of our suppliers are UK based and struggling to stay afloat especially since COVID. Living locally and rurally is also important to us – people shouldn’t have to migrate to cities if they don’t want to. We must all do better to shop and thrive locally. Amongst other things this keeps our carbon footprint low, maintains local and rural artisanal methods and keeps loved-ones closer. We proudly support global rural enterprises.

Aim 3
As consumers, we have a bad habit of throwing things away before they’ve been used to their full potential. In an effort to stop that, we’re trying to reduce the waste we produce and to find alternative ways of using any waste products. We’re starting with our off-cut material and we will continue to update our customers as we continue to develop this process. Read more about the circular economy here.

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Aim 4
Why limit what a child can achieve?
As primary carers, we often find that there is a substantial difference between mass produced clothes, toys, even nappies labelled ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. Don’t get us started on colours!! We believe that everyone has a right to be happy in their unique skin and not pander to the expectations of their binary gender. We aim to curate gender neutral gifts and clothing, supporting equality, freedom of self-expression and an end to outdated gender-biased discrimination. photo credit Amina Filkins, Pexels.

Aim 5
Cribs International is our first charitable affiliation, please find the donation button in our shop.
CRIBS International supports refugee mums and babies in Greece.
We also support Terry Bear Toto, a charitable scheme in Kenya who sew animals made of Kenyan fabric. They raise money for education and supporting the poorest families stay afloat. Please see here.

Every Action Counts.