Compostable Food Waste Bags



  • 100% biodegradable corn starch

  • 100% plastic-free

  • Comes in a 100% recycled Kraft box, which is 100% recyclable.

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Compostable Food Waste Bags.
You cannot go wrong with this kitchen staple. We’ve been testing these for months and they are durable and large enough for general kitchen caddies up to 10 litres.
Instead of having your kitchen waste tip, slush and dump itself all over the place – we transfer at least one bucket of slops from the kitchen to the garden kitchen waste bin and it is not a pleasurable experience – until we started using caddy bin liners. These will at least keep all that waste together, which to be frank,  does sit in the kitchen a couple of days doesn’t it? Then at the end we twist it into a knot and cleanly place it outside into the fox-proof waste bin.

  • Contents: 100 bags
    Bag Size: 43cm x 46cm. 10 litre.
    Extra Strong, Leak-proof with gathered base.
    100% biodegradable and compostable, made from corn starch.
    Fine for home composting as well.

    Compostable food waste bags – Zero Waste Club will plant a tree for every pack sold.
    Certified to EN-13432 and carry the European standard Seedling logo. Approved for food waste composting with most councils.

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a message from the maker:

I have been working at with the company for 20 years. I have found my speciality in bag cutting. When I had a serious illness, the company helped me and my colleagues donated money for the treatment of the illness. After I recovered, the company welcomed me to work again. I’m very grateful for good management and colleagues. My job at the factory provides me with meaningful, happy and satisfying work. I have one son and one daughter, who are living in Sichuan now. Thanks for reading my little story and I hope you love the compostable bags as much as I do.


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