FixIts compostable Sea Green


  • Don’t bin it when you can FIXIT!
  • Fix many items around your house with this handy tool.
  • Compostable bio plastic!
  • Sea Green

green fixits

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This is for 1 x FixIts Sticks,  which is a compostable bio-plastic tool.  Colour is Sea Green.

Have you ever been disappointed with a component breaking and not having any solution to repair it? In the past we have been far too complacent about throwing away broken things – this could be the remedy you are waiting for.

FixIts compostable Sea Green bio plastic is a very fast acting material for repairing, creating and modifying your stuff. Break free from our throw away culture and show your stuff a little love, you’ll be amazed at how much you can fix when you put a little time & thought into it.  We have used FixIts compostable Sea Green to create bespoke hangers – photos to share coming soon!

  • Made from a bioplastic EN14995 for compostability
  • Easy to use, reuse again and again – Re-heat it and remould it as many times as you like.
  • Quick to use – Changing states from solid to softened back to Solid in around 5 minutes
  • Save money and waste – Repair and save money by not having to buy anything new!
  • Non Toxic
  • Made in the UK 

    also in Orange in our shop

fixit is repairing a cableexamples only  green fixits this is the Sea Green.  1 x Fixits stick.

Additional information

Sea Green

either orange or sea green


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