Plastic free hair bands


Plastic free hair bands or ties
5 hair ties in a pack
3 colours to choose from (leave a message at checkout)
Coloured using eco dyes
Sustainable natural rubber



Lets say hello to these plastic free hair bands! Hello!
These organic cotton hair ties are perfect for keeping your hair out your face, or for styling it.
You can choose from three different colours.  They are  comfortable and avoid pinching because they are thick, stretchy and using sustainable rubber , which make them super durable. These will help you put a stop to the millions of plastic hair ties that are lost each year.

At the end of their life, the hair ties can be chopped up and added to home compost as ‘brown’ material
or you could chop them up and bury them under the ground! They are gender-neutral and saying STOP! to plastic pollution.

  • 5 hair ties in a pack

  • 3 colours to choose from (please mention at checkout)

  • Coloured using eco dyes                            UPDATE ON STOCK: 1 X CREAM, 2X BLACK 2 X BROWN REMAINING.
    plastic free hair ties They come in 100% recycled unbleached Kraft paper sleeve and are printed with soy ink, which is 100% recyclable.


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