Rebel Chocolate, Madagascar Single Estate.


  • Madagascan Single Estate origin.
  • 57% cocoa.
  • Lower sugar.
  • 25% protein.
  • Real milk products but lactose free.
  • Free from gluten and palm oil.


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Rebel Chocolate Madagascar Single Estate. Low sugar, lactose and gluten-free. SPECIAL INTRO PRICE!

Rural Atelier is very excited to offer this chocolate by Rebel Chocolate – we were told by our dentist to start introducing low-sugar eating habits into our family regimes so our quest for low/no sugar products has begun.

This chocolate is made with Madagascan Single Estate Origin cocoa, (harvested in one place, not a blend of imports like most others) which is some of the best cocoa in the world. Fruity and caramel notes are dominant on the palate. This is a must try for people who want to experience new things in chocolate as the flavour profile is a long way from the “typical” chocolate flavour you would find in most super market chocolates. All Rebel Chocolates have some very unique features:
– 57% cocoa.
– 50% less sugar.
– 25% protein.
– Real milk products but lactose free.
– Free from gluten and palm oil.

weight: 90g

Rebel Chocolate Madagascar Single Estate more info:  Made with rare Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans. To make this Madagascan milk chocolate they use cocoa from the naturally organic Sambirano valley in Madagascar.  This is blended with their signature mix of lactose-free whey protein, lactose-free whole milk powder and sugar. They then grind this heavenly concoction in a stone-on-stone grinder for at least 72 hours, in a process called conching. The resulting chocolate really is something truly special.

Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Lactose Free Whey Powder (Milk), Cane Sugar, Lactose Free Whole Milk Powder, Fruit Sugar (fructose), Soya Lecithin (As emulsifier 0.4%).
Allergy Advice: See ingredients in bold. All their chocolate is made in an environment where they also use nuts, including peanuts.

57% COCOA & 14% Milk Solids

Energy: 539kcal 2254kJ
Carbohydrate: 32.7g
– of which Sugar 27g
– of which Fibre 4.1g
Fat: 38.5g
– of which Saturates 22.9g
Protein: 25.0g
Salt: 0.3g
Madagascan milk chocolate – less sugar, more cocoa, lactose & gluten-free and 25% protein!

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