Scrunch Watering Can


  • 100% sand derived silicone – Pale Lavender colour
  • perfect for small hands
  • bath time, seaside or garden
  • light carrying
  • folds flat!
    Scrunch watering can in the garden

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Scrunch Watering Can, made of 100% sand derived silicone. Pale Lavender colour.

A wonderful easy to carry 100% silicone (super soft and bendy) watering can with rope handle.
Oodles of uses, in the garden, in the bath, on the beach – anything to encourage the young to get out and about and play around with water: always under supervision.
Why not try planting in it? Here is the Sage Green one.

We also have matching seedling buckets and spades available  here – all set for the great outdoors.
This wonderful little watering can has also been very popular with small hands on the beach at summertime 🙂 and in the garden all year round.
Can also be used indoors at bath time!

Made of 100% safe soft silicone with an easy to grip rope handles. Can be folded!
How practical is that! Can’t stop thinking of how much easier trips to the beach will be…

Some words about sand derived silicone.
Silicone is durable, flexible, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean and able to endure extreme temperatures without deteriorating. Reusable and truly eco-friendly from start to finish. Silicone enhances the performance of products we use every day and makes the most of our natural resources at the same time.

These silicone products are in fact derived from simple quartz sand. An incredible example of what our planet can give us with just a bit of know-how. Silicone is the result of a series of chemical reactions, all of which begins with just simple sand. This sand contains the second most common element found in the Earth’s crust – silica. The element is attained through a series of distillation and synthesising processes of the quartz sand.

The following chemical reactions transform silica into usable silicone by involving just three other elements – oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Through hydrolysis and polymerisation, these atoms are coerced into a chain of repeating Si-O-Si units. It is the repeating nature of these silicone chains that explains the diversity of silicone as a material, giving it physical properties and the strength of a metal, with more flexibility than a plastic.

What’s more amazing, is that the by-products of this continuous, self-contained chemical process are harmless and, in fact, useful to the environment.

Not only is silicone a friend to the planet, it is also a significant factor in continuing efforts to make our lifestyles more sustainable. The incredible durability of silicone products gives them an impressive, long life of reusability. More external info here.

Dimensions: 13 × 13 × 10 cm
Weight: 0.160kg
Colour: Pale Lavender


also on sale at the Rural Atelier concession at Native 3, 60 The Old High Street, Folkestone.


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