Coccoina plastic-free white glue

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A non-toxic and plastic-free potato starch glue that dries white.
A delightful, recyclable/reusable tin and includes a natural bristle brush. Made in Italy by Coccoina.
We can supply a wooden stick instead of the animal hair brush (plastic free product but not a plant-based brush!) Please message at checkout.

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A natural glue, made from potato starch and with a pleasant almond aroma. It includes a natural bristle brush made of pig hair and is packed in a recyclable or reusable metal tin.
100% plastic free. 
Biodegradable, non-toxic and solvent-free.
Ingredients – 90% Potato flour in water – non toxic and without solvents, natural plant-based moistening agents, preservatives used in the food industry, almond fragrance.
125g Dimensions- Height 5cm, Diameter 6.3cm
For some further reading about what makes an ecological choice see here, about “green glue”.
Coccoina plastic free glue, top with brushCoccoina plastic free glue inside the potCoccoina plastic free glue lid with stick


Coccoina, plastic-free white glue!

1 review for Coccoina plastic-free white glue

  1. The Founder

    our customers say “it’s easy for children to use and smells delightful. We love the fact it’s plastic-free, non-toxic and washes out easily.”

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