Tea Light Cup hand made


  • 1 x hand made glass tea light cup
  • made in Germany
  • reuse again and again – reduces aluminium waste
  • please find our refills here

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Tea Light Cup hand made.

We love using tea lights and the plant-based essential oil wax melts that we sell alongside this ingenious design. Less waste due to  a reusable hand made glass cup – no more wasteful aluminium holders thrown away after use. With this design you keep using the same cup over and over again. We also stock the tea light refills.

1 x Tea Light Cup – hand made frosted glass, reusable with the tea light refills here. 
A Hand-formed tealight holder made with frosted glass and designed to be used over and over again with our refill 6 or 12  pack.

A little more about this wonderful process:

“The sheet of glass is cut into round pieces, polished on edges, and then fired over a mould, which gives them a cup shape. The cups are then tempered by giving them a cooling bath, they are fireproof and very strong. What I LOVE most about them, and I haven’t heard about something like this before, is that the frosted effect is made by micro abrasion to the glass (literally scraping it with sand) rather than painted with frosted glass effect. So all candle containers I’ve seen so far, are painted internally, or externally, or both. But these cannot be scratched.”
Made in Germany.

tea light aflame within the hand made glass cup tealight holder shown with refill tea light a glass cup to be used with refills – sold separately here.


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