Wooden vegetable brush, plastic free


100% sustainable vegetable brush. FSC® beech wood. Plastic-free, even the bristles! and vegan.

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A wooden brush that is plastic free, even the bristles!! A brush for all seasons…vegetables, household cleaning, muddy raincoat etc..

Brushing instead of peeling, you can gently clean vegetables without peeling off the healthy, vitamin-rich layers.
This is a vegetable brush with two sides… a dark side, with hard natural bristles for insensitive vegetables.
Then a gentle side with lighter tampico bristles for the sensitive vegetables to be gently cleaned. The wood is FSC® certified beech wood.

(and if you are using it for mud, the tip is to let the mud dry first then brush it off)

Made in Germany.
Plastic-free and vegan      


wooden brush says eco livingdark and light natural bristles wooden brushso life affirming to hold a wooden brush that contains no plastic


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