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Rural Atelier, eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable and supporting Cribs International  and Terry Bear Toto

Cribs International prioritise help to pregnant refugee women and families with babies, some of the most vulnerable people on our planet.
Knowing the challenges of being parents, let alone as a refugee, motivated us to help. As a business, we support Cribs with their social media fundraising activities, we have added a donation button to our Shop and each winter we will send one of our luxury gift boxes to Greece to a new mum.
As a family we are helping by sending packages of our own hand-me-downs and encouraging other considerate families to do the same. Each package needs to be paid for by the donating family and we have a number of shipping websites to get a decent price. If anyone works for a shipping company and can help us get better deals please get in touch! If you would like to send your family hand-me-downs too or can help in any way, please email for more info. (particular need for maternity clothes and equipment)


Please learn all about them here WWW.CRIBSINTERNATIONAL.ORG
You can donate to Cribs International here:
You can donate through us whilst shopping here.

CRIBS have an online auction twice a year here – you may donate or bid please email
Cribs International need the most help with the cost of accommodation, repairs and services. #justlikeus

Terry Bear Toto, Kenya.

Terry Bear Toto

Terry Bear Toto bag charms and nursery decor (not toys, not for under 3 years old)
This is a story of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The Terry Hope Centre was a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Githembe, the Ngando Slums of Nairobi. The centre was bulldozed when the freeholders took back the land with no thought to relocating this small but important charity who’s aim was to raise educational and living standards for the local slum dwelling families. The children are still being cared for and supported by the CBO as they are receiving a good education, are safe and are well cared for, clothed and all necessary items like books, uniforms etc are purchased for them. We want to help this continue.
The animals are Plastic-free, made with local Kenyan fabric with new stuffing made from the local blanket industry bi-product, made by hard-working women doing their best for their families – it’s a no-brainer! Rural Atelier is on board!
Use as bag charms or nursery decoration, you will be happy in the knowledge you are supporting these families.
We have wash tested them at 60′ in non-bio eco-detergent and they are good to go!
We are offering them free to any orders where we can squeeze them in!
Global families united!